Top 10 Inspirations for Furniture Living Room

Wednesday, November 28th 2018. | Furniture

Here are the major trends and inspiration for decorating your living. Each year the living furnishing discover new trends, which mark the season and determine which are the colors, the shapes of the furniture and style that will accompany this year.

Often the trends are inspired to a certain historical period, I revisit and then go fishing special shapes or colors symbolic of those trends. We discover together what are the emerging trends for furnishing the living.

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Furniture living room: all the emerging trends in interior design

As we mentioned above, the structural trend look with open space pleasure, then to a targeted focus of space in terms of a greater fluidity of movement. Probably the trend is also linked to a declining contribution of space that characterizes the available houses, but the open space also won the big mansions, posing as a real must for the season.

As for the style, the trend wild and exotic has never been so clear, as many are the inspirations that are discovered in the furniture, but also in the proposals related to furnishing textiles for the living. It can be a total look, or a few well-selected items, which, if placed with good taste, may be extravagant, but extremely pleasant.

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A tendency for the living is closely linked with Marsala color, Pantone evergreen. This tint so elegant, but slightly darker, it is experiencing a moment of pure glory in the choice of finishes, so the sofas and armchairs upholstered the solutions being proposed in many variants: plain, striped and graphic proposals.

Another important trend involves the musky walls, from a niche product, are becoming a popular decorative element. The credit must be sought in the dissemination of the material, lowering cost and accelerated innovation, which require no maintenance and can give a real green wall inside the house.

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Analogous to this trend is the choice of natural wood, a trend that has never known oblivion, but it offers very strong this season. The attention is not only paid to the massive composition of wood, but expands to a control imposed on finishing systems, the paint used for appearance healthy and free from VOL, volatile agents that are responsible for polluting the home.

Furniture living room: the geometry to furnish with style

Another trend looks at the use of the geometric prints, is applied to textiles but also to the composition of upholstered furniture such as sofas and armchairs. Even the carpets follow this trend, inspired by vintage traits and character reflect more modern and functional versions. We see a selection of items for the living that can help us decorate with innate style our environment.

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Geometry can emerge from classic shapes to circles, squares, and by the use of lines. This proposal bypasses the classic and aims very fresh and spring. This is the Lulu Made armchair, made of a very sturdy wooden structure and defined and completed with a coating of geometric prints that draws the drops. I draw the color palette of green water and blue, so the sofa two places Lulu is ideal for decorating the children also living in that light and friendly. The extra touch? The slender and geometric feet, made of pure natural wood.

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We come then to define the carpet, an addition that makes the living warm and protects surfaces from foot traffic and wear. This model is what you might encounter in more geometric composition, is called MOSAÏEK and is made by the company Gan, by Gandia Blasco. It is a high-design complements, designed by Javier Tortosa in 2013 but it became a member of the collective imagination. The belt structure is made of 100% pure wool, so it is a healthy element and friend of the inhabitants, protective and very robust. Geometric prints that characterize the skim surface psychedelia, thanks to the combination of the colors white, gray black and yellow mustard.

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The graphic elements that compose it are recognizable immediately place, as well as very vintage shades ranging from cream base until the red brick of the subjects. To avoid stifling the environment with an explosion optical, you can apply the wallpaper in only one wall of the living, or apply it in half, alternating a idrolavabile painting from similar color.

The seasonal trend by offering tends important geometric prints. The return to optical and also the graphical style is discovered in this model On the Edge of Dedar brand. It is a very sturdy fabric for curtain, realized with mild quilted effect. The most charismatic color is undoubtedly the black & white, but there are 4 different variations of colors. Inserting a curtain of this type, the living decor earns a geometric effect noteworthy.

The beauty of this choice lies in both the possibility of playing with different geometric souls who dare with colors, because the graphics applied to curtains, coatings and accessories give freedom of style and allow you to bring even different textures without worrying much about in the name of an optical spread and a pure and unique geometric choice.

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