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The greatest test of good bathroom design ideas is to ask yourself whether you like to linger there. If the answer is no, it’s time to convert that cold, sad, clinical space into something much more pleasurable, with some long lasting and comforting bathroom design ideas.

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Why the bathroom plans should be given such low priority by most people and why architects and developers pay so little attention to this vital room is a mystery.

Often allocated the meanest of budgets and constructed from what little space remains after all the ‘important’ rooms have been decided upon, the typical bathroom design ideas are frequently small, misshapen and possessing the very worst of views (if, indeed, it has a window at all). From this it can be deduced that we need to be very skillful with our 12 bathroom decorating ideas 2018 if we are to create a warm practical room that invites us in. In fact for some, the bathroom is seen as the new kitchen!

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The once functional room has been transformed by many exquisite bathroom design ideas: spa baths with whirlpool systems and sequential underwater mood lighting; showers that become mini steam rooms or that are equipped with powerful massage jets. The bathroom has changed from a place of uncomfortable if necessary ablutions to a pleasure palace. In estate agents’ particulars, every noteworthy feature is described, in glowing, fully illustrated detail.

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But is such overt luxury and innovation quite the same as being comfortable? I don’t think so, for the fact is that truly comfortable bathroom design ideas in which one wants to linger and leaves refreshed can actually be achieved without too many, if any, state of the art devices.

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The first thing to consider in your bathroom design ideas is that most essential element: warmth. If neither you nor the bathroom is warm, you can never be comfortable, so ensure that the room is free of draughts and install a radiator or, even better, a heated towel rail – the largest size you can fit against the wall, and filled with oversized, fluffy towels. Towels should be renewed when they lose their fluffiness – they don’t dry you as quickly, and so the all-important, comfort-making element is lost.

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For many, bathroom comfort can be epitomized by a deep, warm bath. Today it is not always necessary to automatically throw out the well-shaped but tired old bath for the spanking new; technological advances. This mean that an old bath, whether it is metal, ceramic or even plastic, cannot only be resurfaced but chips mended or even the existing color altered.

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You Can Never Have Too Much Storage In Your Bathroom Design Ideas

Well designed bathroom design ideas will create a comfortable bathroom is one where all the necessary accessories, from bottles and jars to bath and shower, have a place – preferably out of sight, so as much storage as possible is vital. Not always considered in the original plan, you can, in fact, never have too much storage space in a bathroom. A cupboard beneath the basin is a good, if obvious, idea, but also if your bath is enclosed by fixed panels, consider the wasted storage space around the base of the bath therein; make use of it by having a section of the panel set with hidden hinges and an invisible push-to-open mechanism. A bathroom mirrored cabinet, particularly one with integral lighting, is also useful.

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There is quite often extra, unused wall space in a bathroom. Put in some shelves – glass ones are a good way of maximizing space – or even a small cupboard. And don’t forget some storage for books near the toilet – a shelf, stool or a basket.

Good and adaptable lighting is an important part of your comfortable bathroom design ideas. Lighting regulations are pretty rigorous for obvious safety reasons, so whatever lighting choices you make – carefully positioned down lighters perhaps, with task lighting over and around the basin –  have dimmer switches installed outside the door to regulate the lighting within. And good scented candles are always a bathroom lighting bonus.

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There is no regulation that says you may not hang pictures in a bathroom. The space, as long as it does not get too steamed up, is often an ideal size to hang smaller pictures and photographs that might be lost elsewhere. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to contemplate them in aqueous comfort.

Getting Started With Your Bathroom Design Ideas

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If you are in a position to start from scratch, you have a wonderful opportunity to create custom bathroom remodels using the space to your exact requirements. Allocate to modern bathrooms the largest area you can afford and position it for your convenience, even if this means sacrificing a rarely used guest room. Then decide exactly what functions you want the room to perform and start documenting your bathroom design ideas from there. These days, as well as being a room for bathing, a modern bathroom may well be used for exercising, beauty treatments, child’s play, dressing, reading and relaxing as well as functioning, in some cases, as a laundry.

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The placement of the essential equipment in a small bathroom design is critical – bathroom design ideas can be changed at whim, but the bath, WC and wash basin will outlive most custom bathroom decorating plans. To help you decide upon the best positions, draw up some scaled bathroom plans on graph paper and be sure to have this checked out by a specialist plumber before proceeding further.

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It may well be that by lining up all your equipment on one wall with your bathroom design ideas, less disruption will be caused and a smaller proportion of your budget spent. Consider rehanging the entrance door on the opposite axis if this will aid your plan. Alternatively a sliding door or double doors may give you those vital extra few inches which will allow you to accommodate all the bathroom ideas you want.

The space around each item of equipment requires careful planning throughout your bathroom design ideas too, especially if you wish to carry out the various functions in comfort. Don’t forget to consider in your bathroom design ideas how things will work when more than one person is occupying the space.

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