Best Uses of Raspberry Pi In 2018

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The Raspberry Pi is that little $35 single-board PC everybody is by all accounts discussing since it was propelled approximately five years back. It has since sold more than 12.5 million units, making it the third top of the line broadly useful PC behind the Mac and the Windows PC. This is no little achievement.

This is sufficient to get numerous individuals inquisitive about the gadget and ponder what should be possible with it. All things considered, this is definitely what this article is about. We've examined the best 8 utilizes for a Raspberry Pi. With its minimal effort, noteworthy execution and adaptability, the Raspberry Pi has turned into the base, the heart or the brains of many fascinating activities.

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Television Box/Media Center PC

A standout amongst the most widely recognized utilizations for the Rasberry Pi is as a TV box or media focus PC. In this time of shrewd TVs and much more astute TV boxes, for example, the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and so on numerous individuals have been searching for approaches to utilize the Raspberry Pi as a TV box. What's more, numerous have succeeded.

A few activities out there are particularly committed to transforming the Raspberry Pi into a media focus. The most prevalent is positively LibreELEC, an open-source working framework particularly intended for the gadget that does only runs Kodi, the notable free media focus application. We've as of late distributed an article about

Document Server 

An ever increasing number of individuals need to have a concentrated area where they can store their documents. These could be recordings, photographs or any sort of archives. A few (counting this current article's writer) even devote a PC particularly to that reason. Be that as it may, a PC takes up a lot of room. For what reason not, at that point, utilize a Raspberry Pi as a record server? The Pi has all that is required. All it is missing is document storage room.

Be that as it may, with the Raspberry Pi 3 donning no under fours USB interfaces, all you require is an outside hard circle and you have all it takes. What's more, with outer USB hard drives going for around $100 for a 4 TB unit, you can have bunches of storage room for considerably less than the cost of a PC. 4 TB is sufficient space to store over a thousand HD motion pictures.

Concerning the required programming, the Raspian working framework, the "official" OS of the Raspberry Pi, is an across the board arrangement. It is a Linux-based working framework got from the Debian appropriation. It incorporates Samba, the product you have to offer windows organizing administrations. With Samba, different PCs (or PCs, tablets, and cell phones) will see your Raspberry Pi as a Windows server.

Plex Server 

You may have known about Plex. It is a colossally well known media server that can be utilized to store a wide range of media documents. It is an inaccessible cousin of Kodi as they both offer a typical precursor, however the similitude stops there. Plex is basically a media server. It commonly keeps running on a PC where your media accumulation dwells.

Plex will make your recordings, music, and photographs open on every one of your gadgets: web, Android, iOS, Windows, Chromecast, Smart TVs and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, Plex files all your substance and improves it with metadata, for example, fine art, cast and group data, evaluations, and so on.

Retro Gaming

Is it true that you are a devotee of more established computer games? Do you miss playing Super Mario Bros 3 for quite a long time on the Nintendo Entertainment System? Maybe you used to invest your free energy at the arcade playing your most loved amusement. Today, the greater part of the above fall into the domain of retro gaming. What's more, the considerable news is that the Raspberry Pi is a standout amongst other stages for those.

This is on account of a massively well known task called RetroPie. Based over Raspbian, Retro Pie incorporates programming to copy the greater part of the more established gaming supports and the absolute most prevalent gaming PCs of the past. It will, for instance, copy all the Nintendo comforts from the first NES to the Nintendo 64 or more all the Game Boy equipment.

Arcade Emulation 

Arcade imitating is an expansion of the past utilize. It is incorporated with the Retro Pie be that as it may, for some, it goes significantly further. A few people have fabricated either full-size or little scale arcade cupboards to play their most loved arcade amusements from the past. Its an interesting issue and there's an entire group around the subject.

MAME is the thing that began everything. The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator venture began numerous years prior, route before the approach of the Raspberry Pi. The objective of MAME is to give a uniform imitating stage fit for running code extricated from the ROM chips of vintage arcade cupboards.


Another utilization for the Raspberry Pi is as a PC. When you associate a console, mouse, and PC screen to a Raspberry Pie, what you get is truly near a not too bad but restricted home PC. Maybe the main extra thing you might need to include is some additional capacity as an outside hard plate.

Obviously, this PC won't run windows. Odds are it will run Raspbian, the Pi's own rendition of Debian Linux. This is an impeccably fine working framework for fundamental processing needs, however. In the event that all you require is to peruse the web, browse your messages, hang out on informal organizations and watch a couple of recordings you'll have no issue with such a setup.


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