Whats Wrong With My Car's Steering and How Much Will It Cost to Fix?

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The first place to start looking for steering problems is to think back to the event that started it. Did you bump a curb hard? Run up a gutter? Perhaps you lent the car to someone and when it came back it was steering differently?
To get a quick idea of what to look for.
Look at the tires. Are there any scrubbed areas on the side of the tire where you can see it was curbed hard?
Is there any damage to the outside of the rim?
Is there signs of scuffing on the inside or outside edge of the tire?
Are there any clean patches where a wheel weight has fallen off?
Is the steering wheel still in it's normal position when you drive straight ahead, or is it angled?
In almost all cases, if your auto suddenly develops a steering problem it is caused by hitting something hard with one of the wheels.
In most cases a simple wheel alignment and wheel balance will fix the problem, perhaps replacing a bent tie rod or control arm. In such cases the cost is seldom over $300 and can be as low as $80 or so.
Steering problems associated with high mileage are another matter.
The worn components are predictable by any decent mechanic and should have been replaced at proper service intervals. If they are not, and your steering is loose or hard to steer straight, you should fire your regular mechanic for not bringing it to your attention and thereby endangering your life.
Common high mileage problems. are usually:
tie rod ends
idler arm bushes
inner and outer control arm bushes
power steering pump failure,
steering box wear.
pitman arm wear.
Worn out strut.
Except for the power steering pump or steering box replacement, none of the other components are very expensive, but labor to do them is.
If the front suspension is generally worn out with some wear in more than one part, you have a choice of buying a proper workshop manual and doing the work yourself, or paying to have it done. Price will range from around $500 to $1500 for the average rebuild, with some exotic cars going over $3,000
Some equipment and basic skills are needed, but if you follow the manual none of it is rocket science. I always do my suspension repairs. All the tools to do suspension repairs at home are available at auto parts shops at cheap prices. You do not need high quality professional tools just to do one or two suspension repairs. If you have a manual it will show you what tools to use for each job.
For example, unless you are removing the strut, you do not need a spring compressor, and a simple tool will disconnect ball joints. A hammer and good socket set are essential for most other repairs to steering.
A simple wheel alignment can be performed at home that will be close enough to drive the car to an alignment centre for a proper wheel alignment. Professional alignment these days is usually performed with lazers. It is important to get wheel alignment accurate to assist ride and handling as well as to reduce tire wear.
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