Top 7 Android Apps For Arduino

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Who wouldn't like to dispose of those cumbersome catches and tangled wires while taking a shot at your installed ventures? Arduino Remote Control Apps on Android gives a Graphical User Interface(GUI) to control Arduino easily.

Presented in the year 2003, the Arduino stage rapidly got the attention of open source group and electronic specialists because of its low value, huge amounts of online instructional exercises, and a steady group. Arduino sheets accompany an assortment of microchips and microcontrollers, the most famous among them being the Arduino UNO highlighting an Atmega328. With numerous economically accessible augmentation sheets for Arduino, it has turned into the decision for apprentices to investigate the universe of inserted frameworks.

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Arduino Bluetooth Controller

This application has a basic UI and is anything but difficult to set up. Combine your android with the Bluetooth module associated with your Arduino, and you are ready. It enables you to associate in 4 distinct modes.

Bluetooth Controller 8 Lamp

With help for Bluetooth modules HC-05, HC-06, and HC-07, this application enables you to control up to 8 channels. It has a basic UI comprising of 8 catches for the particular channels. Catches are additionally given to flip every one of the channels without a moment's delay. Broad instructional exercises are likewise given code cases.

BT Voice Control for Arduino

Arduino does not have enough memory and preparing power for productive discourse acknowledgment. Consider the possibility that we can utilize Android's discourse acknowledgment highlight to send summons to our Arduino. That is precisely what this application is made for. It takes in discourse input and sends it to Arduino by means of Bluetooth as a string.

RemoteXY: Arduino Control

It enables you to control your Arduino utilizing Bluetooth, wifi and even through ethernet. Make your own one of a kind GUI for this application by going to its site remotexy. Have a fabulous time making catches, switches, sliders, joysticks and other GUI components to control your Arduino.


Virtuino enables you to imagine your ventures like no other application. Control more than one Arduino load up at once finished Bluetooth, wifi, web or even through SMS. Make visual interfaces for LED's, switches, diagrams, simple instruments, counters and significantly more. It accompanies library bolster and a ton of instructional exercises (counting video instructional exercises) to manage you through the procedure. Include a couple of lines of code to the illustrations gave, and you are ready.


With a wonderful material outline interface, Blynk enables you to make UIs for Arduino and control it utilizing USB, ethernet, wifi, and Bluetooth. Sharing your undertakings is less demanding by simply sharing a connection to it.

IoT Wifi Controller

IoT Wifi Controller has a novel interface which shows the design of each of Arduino's IO pins. Flip the estimations of GPIO high or low and view it progressively. Estimation of ADC's is additionally shown. It interfaces with the board utilizing your telephone as a hotspot or through a switch.