The Best Weapon For a Barbarian Mercenary in Diablo II

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Time everlasting is a Runeword requiring 5 runes, 2 of them amazingly uncommon and costly (Ber and Sur), and useable in any scuffle weapon with 5 attachments.


Any Melee Weapon with 5 attachments

Runes (all together): Amn + Ber + Ist + Sol + Sur

The Stats:

Level Reqired: 63


+260-310% Enhanced Damage

+9 To Minimum Damage

7% Life Stolen Per Hit

20% Chance of Crushing Blow

Hit Blinds Target

Moderates Target By 33%

Recover Mana 16%

Recharge Life +16

Can't Be Frozen

30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items

Level 8 Revive (88 Charges)


With the Indestructible on it, you'd never need to pay a solitary gold coin to have it repaired until the end of time. Nonetheless, since it is anything but difficult to profit in Hell mode, this ought to never be fundamental offering purpose of a weapon.

7% Life Stolen Per Hit

Better than average mod, even in the wake of considering in the diminished return in Hell Difficulty. However, having no Mana siphon too diminishes the handiness of the Eternity Runeword.

20% Chance of Crushing Blow

This is maybe the most alluring mod on an Eternity Runeword. Smashing Blow is a modifier that exclusive flies up on Unique, Runewords or Set things. With an effective Crushing Blow on your objective, you will lessen their Life by a specific %, which is controlled by the weapon you are utilizing, and whether the objective is another player, a typical creature or one of the more grounded beasts in Diablo 2, ie. Champion, Uniques, Bosses).

Accordingly, this mod works best against focuses with just-generated focuses with loads of hit focuses, instead of the individuals who just 10% of Life left. While decreasing a creature's present hit focuses by say, 25%, won't not appear a ton, look at that as some Uniques and Bosses can have 100,000 hit focuses or more. An effective Crushing blow will decrease that to 75,000 hit focuses, while it might endure numerous typical shots to get it down to that.

Squashing Blow can be a decent venture for scuffle characters that don't do enormous measures of harm and hence require a long time to kill Bosses, those that do a great deal of basic harm however need to have Crushing Blow as a choice against one of a kind beasts that end up being insusceptible to their essential assaults and the individuals who have quicker/yet weaker assaults.

Furnish your character with a weapon that contains the Eternity Runeword (20%) Steelrend Gauntlets (10%), and Goreriders (15%) and you as of now have a 45% Chance of Crushing Blow, which implies that you will trigger Crushing Blow on half of your assaults!

Hit Blinds Target

Lessens the capacity to hit % of the objective to a measly 5% for a brief term. May seem helpful at to begin with, however most characters need their creatures to be dead in a shorter timeframe. Can be valuable for characters with heel.

Can't Be Frozen

This mod can be valuable in case you're going up against beasts that reason chilly harm; this modifier anticipate makes your character invulnerable to the moderating impacts of cool assaults. It doesn't conflict with Duriel in Act 2, however.


Endlessness is one of those Runewords that, independent from anyone else, is really not too bad, yet which isn't extremely famous with players in light of the fact that there are different Runewords out there that are less expensive, as well as arrangement more harm (like Grief, for instance). please click here: